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Best load for a 5.56/.223 - Texas Hunting Forum
I have also seen other hogs shot with 223 that we never found that were hit . 50 to over 300 lbs with cheapo Wolf/Monarch/PMC/Bahrnaul(sp?) all 55 grain, mainly FMJ have not lost any of them, some DRT, some go maybe .

243 Winchester Load Data - Handloads.Com
55gr SP, 41.0 gr, Varget, 3,580 fps, 2.655", Win LR, guest. Shoots a 1.25inch . Nosler 95 grain Partition very effective on whitetail and hogs. Also very accurate .

hunting deer with Ar15 / .223 / 5.56 help with bullet selection - AR15 ...
I shoot the Hornady 55 gr SP on both deer and hogs, deer weight in at 90 to 150 lbs and the hogs go up to 500 lbs. All shot in the neck, at 75 .

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