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Everquest Berserker Leveling Guide: How to Get to Raiding Level in ...
Jun 15, 2008 . Everquest Berserker Leveling Guide . The weaken ability of the berserker stacks with the magical spells used by casters that reduce an .

Mercenaries - EQ2i, the EverQuest 2 Wiki - Quests, guides, mobs ...
A mercenary's purchase price varies by level. There is a larger upfront fee (5 Plat at Level 90) the first time you acquire that mercenary. The mercenary will then .

Spell / Combat Abilities Lists | Ten Ton Hammer
Jan 2, 2009 . Ten Ton Hammer - Taking MMO Gamers to the Next Level! . EQ2 Assassin Combat Abilities · EQ2 Berserker Combat Abilities · EQ2 Brigand .

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