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Bean Salad - (Gu-Hi-Tli-Gi) . Old Field Creases (Oo-Li-Si) . The Recipe: Ingredients: 1 bowl of poke salad greens, or one head of escarole, bunch of rapini, .

Central Vermont Food Hub: June 2012
Jun 26, 2012 . But hang on to the fine fronds, you can use them like dill in the salad. . Our fields are looking fabulously green and we're loving all of this sunshine. . box and your thumbs near the perforated crease line on the bottom flap.

Hanover Salad
Hanover salad also known as 'spring kale', 'rape kale', and 'Siberian kale' is a leafy vegetable that is usually grouped into the “Cooking Greens” category with .

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