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Automotive Alternator Technical Article
In the early years of auto electric, few people understood how a car's . Stated another way, at 1000-rpm engine speed, the factory alternator spins 3000 times a minute. . curve, it is critical that the alternator spin at a minimum of 2400 rpm.

Alternator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alternator mounted on an automobile engine with a serpentine belt . Automotive alternators are usually belt driven at 2-3 times crankshaft speed. The alternator runs at various RPM (which varies the . Older automobiles with minimal lighting may have had an alternator capable of .

Using an Alternator in Renewable Energy Projects
In a car, the field coil is connected to a switch, a small warning light, and then the battery's positive terminal. . Thus, the alternator rotates at a minimum of 2100 rpm. . If the alternator is operated at a lower rotational speed, however, a higher .

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